Stop Worrying


Are you looking for some useful information on how to stop worrying?  Are you plagued by anxieties and worries at the present time? Do you feel that troubles have taken over your days and you can deal with nothing but your worries? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Worrying is the biggest source of stress and anxiety known to mankind, and your body can actually suffer from excessive worrying. Worrying causes undue stress, and stress has been known to cause illness in both the body and the mind. Why subject yourself to constant worrying when you can do something now to remedy it?

Why worry?

 Millions of people around the world spend their waking hours worrying about everything from their finances to what they are going to cook for dinner the next day. Worrying has become synonymous with modern living. Some people think that worrying is normal and that it’s just a normal part of the survival mechanism.

While it’s true that humanity’s mental apparatus is generally pessimistic, you don’t have to give in to all the negative impulses. You have a choice here, and if you choose not to worry, you can actually focus on more important things, such as finding actual solutions to your problems.

Are you at a loss as to where to start, and want some stop worrying information? Well, the easiest way to end worrying is to understand how worries come about in the first place. Modern people have learned to worry nearly nonstop because we fret about the past and the future.

We’re worried about things that we weren’t able to control in the past, and we also worry about things that we can’t foresee in the future. We have become preoccupied (perhaps too preoccupied) with things that are no longer within our reach (or perhaps not yet within our reach).

Past, present, and future

 The first step to quelling chronic worry and coping with stress is to recognize that we only live in the present and that the past and the future are no longer our rightful domains. We must always remember that the past can take care of itself – it doesn’t need a human agent anymore.

Human agency is always needed in the present, and that is where you are needed right now. If you worry about what has happened in the past, you end up fretting over old bones that have probably been buried already.

Some people worry about the future. Worrying about the future is one of the most unproductive activities possible because you have no idea what’s going to happen in the future. You can’t really work on problems in the future, because all you can address are the problems of the present.

 So from now on, don’t focus on past events or future events that have not happened yet. Focus on the problems that you can solve today so that your present troubles will be cleared. When you clear your present problems, you will discover that your anxieties about the past and the future will dissolve. Divert all your energy into solving problems, not worrying about them.  One thing you can do right now is sign up for the stop worrying information mini-course described on this page.